Happy Easter! | RaiRambles

Hey everyone! Happy Easter!

Easter has always
been my second favourite holiday (behind Halloween, both holidays filled with
sweets, see the pattern? Haha), little Rai was super pleased that a holiday
allowed for a bunny to hide her chocolate eggs!
The excitement was nearly as high as Christmas Eve, we would leave out a carrot
for the ‘bunny’ to eat and then I would wake up early to find huge Easter Eggs
waiting for me!

Then was the treasure

As a very competitive person this was when my sister and I would race
around the house finding all the tiny eggs.

There is nothing I
love more than a scavenger hunt for chocolate haha.

This got me thinking
if any of you had Easter traditions that you all had with your family.
Let me know in the comments!

Unfortunately I don’t
have time this year to make any cute Easter DIY but as a youtubeaholic (that’s
a word right ;P) I found two videos that I love!

Food | The smoothies are the cutest things I’ve seen!

Craft | I really want to make the plant holders!

Let me know what you get up too around Easter time! 

Love Always,