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 So I just updated my about me!
Took me long enough, it was pretty much just my name and a duplicate of my explore page haha!
So along with that I decided to answer some about me questions/tell you random facts about me to go along side the update!

It is good timing as well as there is a lot more of you reading my blog ­čÖé (thank you by the way it has been amazing! I was so happy when I reached 30 followers!)
Lets get started!
15 facts about me

1 | My name is Raicheal (Rachel) my parents wanted us to have simple names but spell them the Irish way (making them way less simple haha). I get asked constantly about my name as people are fascinated by how it is spelt haha
2 | My favourite colour is orange, can you tell? My blog is covered in it ;P
3 | My favourite book is ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern
4 | My most watched movies are ‘500 days of summer’ and ‘Kickass’ (wow what a combination) not because they are my favorites (I do love 500 though!) but because I never get bored of them.
 5 | Music wise I can listen to everything. I love Taylor Swift and Lisa Mitchell. If you want to hear more I love, listen here.
6 | I am addicted to movies, TV and YouTube. I watch about 10+ youtube videos a day along side about 5 TV shows. On weekends try and add a movie. I have a problem.
7 | Magic number seven! I love Harry Potter and I’m a very proud Slytherin ­čÖé
8 | I used to be very athletic, I competed in athletics (running, hurdles), Nippers (this is like lifesaving for kids), dance, soccer and touch football. All this disappeared when I discovered the internet. Now I am super unfit but want to get back into it haha
9 | Nine is my favourite number (also 19)
10 | My hair has been; red, pink and purple. Mum first dyed my hair red when I was about 10 (I went to a catholic school, they were shocked haha)
11 | Summer is my season. I hate the cold (although winter fashion is amazing). I get cold so easily people pull away if I touch them and when people enter my room they compare it to a sauna because I keep it so warm and sleep with at least 3 quilts.
12 | Halloween is my favourite holiday (it’s because I’m Irish ;P)
13 | I have traveled to Ireland and China
14 | I have a dog named Cooper, other pets I have had are, my cat, multiple mice, hermit crabs and even silk worms. I love animals!
15 | I love running this blog and want to meet new people because of it. That includes you! Leave facts about you below and lets get to know each other!

Hope you enjoyed this and like the new about me page!
Love Always,