A Book Review | The Divergent Series

Alas it is time for another book
review, it has been a while. I wanted to do a quick review of this series right
after I finished reading it, however I didn’t realize I would be in grieving
over the characters for this long (does anyone else get book grief and can’t
handle the loss of characters? No just me? Oh well).

“The Divergent Series” by Veronica



 These books were on my list of “I
would like to read but they are similar to other books so I won’t bother ATM”.
Do any of you do that? I guess it was me judging a book by the cover. I had
read the Hunger games so I just skipped it.

Then the movie came out. I didn’t
go, as you all know I like to read the books before the movie. My family then decided
lets go watch it! I complained but I was peer pressured. Thank god I was. I
absolutely loved the first movie. I then rushed to the shop and bought the


The books are set in a dystopian
future. They follow the main character Tris on her journey of discovering where
she fits into her world and who she wants to be. The city is divided into
‘factions’ and she soon discovers they might not be what they are cracked up to

Filled with adventure, discovery of
self, friendships and romance, it may be aimed at the teen audience but I fell
in love with Tris and everyone else in this world.

There are three books totally and
they kept me turning at every page (there is a fourth book set in Four’s point
of view, a must read after the series). If I had to say one negative thing it
would be the teen romance, it felt like it happened to fast and I would get a
bit bored of kissing scenes especially when I wanted to get back to the action!
However once the last book finished I realized why those scenes were necessary
at shaping the characters.

If you love Hunger Games or any
other dystopian novels give this book a read. The writing style is easy to
follow and like the hunger games was written so I didn’t want to put it down!

Let me know if you have read these
books, what did you think of them? What faction do you love most? If you haven’t
read them, do you want to?

Love Always,