What do I want? | RaiRambles

This is one of the questions that made me create this blog in the first place. What do I want? What do I want to achieve and do to feel success in my own way. I feel like these are questons we will ask ourselves every day of our life. We will always keep growing and changing and finding different ways to make ourselves smile and find meaning and reasons for why we are here and what we will do.


So what do I want? 

It’s been said before but my friend asked me 

“What would you do, if money wasn’t an issue or result? What would you do with your life?”

We may have all been asked this question before, but it has been at the top of my mind as of late. Maybe it has something to do with moving and all the change has me asking these questions. However with school finishing and people changing and discovering new things I’ve asked myself what I am doing? 

What do I want?

Sometimes I have sparks of inspiration and feel eager to start, other days I feel like it won’t work out and compare myself to people who are already succeeding, which, I should point out that you should never do (but we never take our own advice do we? haha)

Since writing this blog I’ve had a place to gather my thoughts and write whatever I want and just share and I feel like this has helped heaps. 

I can kind of see where I want to be in the future and that is so very exciting. But with that comes the daunting feeling of what obstacles I will face. But I know I will be able to face them.

I hope you all can face your obstacles and find these same sparks of inspiration and learn and grow. 

(can you tell I am listening to inspiring music ;P)

I just wanted to get this out there because once it is out there I have a reason to keep at it and keep finding out the answer to that question we all have within us.

“What do I want?”

Love Always,