Volunteering | Business Chicks with Sir Bob Geldof

Another volunteering role done and dusted! I’m sure by now you know how these work through all the posts I’ve done so this one is going to be quick and simple!

Last weeks Business Chicks event was for speaker Sir Bob Geldof! Amazing right!

The venue was absolutely breathtaking! A light lit up every single table and the blues mixed with the Business Chick pink made it all come to life.

For a huge space holding 900+ people it seemed really cosy and a great place to network while listening to Sir Bob talk.

I was lucky enough to get a few pictures, I didn’t hear all his talk (remember I am working at the event! So this was not a problem! Got to make it run smoothly for the attendees haha)

From what I heard he was talking about mainly about his life story, how he discovered what he could do to make change and how we can all start to make a change in the world.

A few quotes that stood out from his talk were:

“If we mix what we are with what we do, we can make a change”

“How can you have rights when you don’t have a piece of bread?”

“Terrorism is a by product of poverty”

I feel like if we did all get together and use what we are with what we do, we can all help each other make change and help those in need.

With the technology we have today we have seen what a group of people can do to create something big and help. We have all seen what LiveAid does to help those in need. I’ve seen smaller groups raise huge amounts of money for ranges of charities. 

Apart from that technology helps bring like minded people together who help each other when in need without those asking. We’ve been educated through resources like YouTube.

The list goes on and on, there will always positive and negative side effects but if we come together and learn and aim for positive change we can make a huge difference.

I feel like this is again one of the reasons I keep volunteering for Business Chicks as it is one of these groups that are working together for a positive outcome.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Again I had a blast volunteering and was lucky enough to get a group photo with Sir Bob!

Until next time

(which trust me will be soon AKA I’m volunteering again this week)

Love Always,