Smile! | The types of replies you can get from smiling at strangers

‘Smile!’ or ‘The types of replies you can get from smiling at strangers’ haha

I found this quote the other day on pinterest (wow who would’ve guessed I was on pinterest again haha) and it got me thinking back to some pretty funny reactions I have gotten from smiling at people/strangers.

 Now I have always smiled at people if I pass them in the street, or make brief eye contact or if we are all just simply waiting at the bus stop. 

I do this for the following reasons:

1| It’s polite, or at least I think so, just a quick smile to be nice doesn’t harm anyone.

2| You never know who needs just a smile. Everyone has bad or sad days and just a smile from a stranger could just give them that extra bit of courage or hope.

3| Plus sometimes reactions are super funny.

These include classics such as:

1| The “do I know you” confused smile: usually from people my age or adults. The brows lift in confusion and a brief wave may also happen.
2| The ‘teen’ who is ‘too cool for you’: one of my favourites, I get laugh every time I smile at a group (they always travel in groups) of teenagers and they give you that grimace of “what the hell are you looking at”. It’s very amusing.
3| The shocked “why are you smiling at me?”: mostly comes from the elderly as if it is weird that a young person is actually acknowledging them and being nice (which come on! everyone should be nice to you elderly person! you deserve it!)
4| The creep who takes it as a signal to talk to you: mainly at bus stops, even if you have your headphones in, and they always seem to end up asking me where I live! Geez I was being nice not offering myself to you! 

All in all I still like to live by the quote a smile will always be the best accessory. So get to it! 

Love always,