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New series!
I have seen a lot of blogs that do weekly or monthly reviews but I’ve decided to do one every three months dividing the year into quarters (Last Sat of every third month). I feel like this will suit me a lot better and allow me to look into what I did and how I feel about the blog.

It also is a great place to start for any new people reading my blog or for those who missed out on posts I loved!

Lets get started!

 January was pretty slow to get started, we were in the process of finding a new house and the stress didn’t allow me to blog much. I did push through into the next month so it was a learning process of how I could learn to handle outside stress but still pursue my blog!

I started my Listography series | If you love books this one is for you
My favourite post was my goals | Great for if you are new to the blog  

In February we moved house and I started getting into the swing of things and finding a direction to my blog.

I saw Vance Joy | My first event post of the year (hopefully more to come)
I volunteered at a Bobbi Brown Event | You’ll see a lot of volunteer posts soon

Plus I started another series this time Pinterest | For all of you wanting inspo

March was just a step up from February and the posts kept rolling and still are after this goes up!

50th blog post | Was a big deal for me seeing as I never usually stick to things
I did a guest post! | I reached out and it felt awesome if you are keen to do a guest post swap let me know
Lisa Mitchell Concert | For the music lovers
 Started a new Instagram tag | Again for the book lovers out there
Wrote a post that I was super proud of | Great if you want some inspiration to get out there!

So first quarter of the year done! It went super fast but I am so in love with blogging and having a place to share opinions and interests with all of you. I’m starting to get a feel for what I like blogging about most and where I’m heading.
I also have some other series which I am hoping to put together for the later part of the year (fingers crossed) I hope you will all enjoy that!

In the meantime here is my blog lovin‘ to keep up to date with posts like above and more!
Love always!