My 50th blog post | A summary so far

This is my 50th blog post! Which may not seem like much but if you remember my first ever blog post I stated that even continuing this blog for a brief amount of time would be an achievement!

I have had a blast keeping up with this blog, I feel like my writing has improved and I feel more confident taking chances and writing down my opinions on different things. I decided for this post to do a mini recap on everything so far. This way if you are a new reader you can see what this blog is all about in this moment of time.

My top three most popular posts:

1| My Reading Tag

2| Book Haul 

3| Halloween DIY 

I love doing book posts so I’m really glad that the top two posts are book related. I’m also happy that a DIY which I really put effort into is up there. It also came from my month of Halloween posts where I pushed myself to post often and about my favourite holiday. 

I learned about what I could do content wise and how often I could post, this slowly helped me think of what I wanted over all for the blog.

My favourite posts so far:

1| 14000 things to be happy about: my first ever book post and the second post I did after my introduction post.

2| Shopping Haul: not because its a fashion post but because of the effort I put into the graphics and the time I used to plan it out. Super proud of what I did.

3| Cirque Du Soleil – Totem: A birthday present to myself as I’m so in love with everything circus. A great day to remember therefore a favourite blog post.

4| Dream home anyone?: I loved how the photos turned out and I just liked sharing one of my personal projects with all of you.

5| My everyday makeup: I wanted to try a different way of laying photos out so this was a push in my creative way of thinking.

I love having this blog and it has allowed me to do what I set out, start being more organized, speak my mind and set out on finding out what I want and who I want to be in life (gah cheesy ;P)

  I also want to say thankyou for reading it! It means the world to me. So here is to 50 more posts and hopefully many more afterward!!

Love Always!