Mini Book Haul

That’s right, I did it again and got more books to add to the
collection of those on my bookshelf that I still have to read haha

But how can you stop? Especially when you go Op Shopping and find some for a bargain!

The Casual Vacancy – J.K Rowling

I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this book; either people
love it or hate it. I am going to give it a try anyhow because after reading
the Harry Potter how can you not admit that J.K is an absolutely talented writer? (Slytherin
rule!) I also saw the trailer for the TV series that is coming out on BBC that
is based on the story. That then got me interested in reading it!

Cost – $5 from an Op Shop (WHOA! I know right!)

Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve seen the movie before the book whoa. I know. One of the
things I hate doing. But at the time all I read was Fantasy so I never thought
I would have time to read the book. Now that my taste in books has grown I am
super keen to read the book, as I fell right in love with the movie! Looking
forward to the Italy part because of the food! Yum.

Cost – $3 from Op Shop (What?!)

The Divergent Series – Veronica Roth

Again a book when I watched the movie before reading the
book. These books were on my list to read, however my family forced me to watch them on
movie night a week ago. Which I am super glad about! I loved it. The day after
I bought the set and in just 4 days I’m nearly a quarter into the third book. I
haven’t read this fast in ages! I love the books so far and might do a review
on them. My first comparison was Hunger Games as both series I’ve read fast and easy. I love
these worlds were you can fully immerse yourself. (I took multiple tests I’m
divergent every time haha ;P)

Cost – All together $40 (one book usually costs $15-$30 so great
price) from Big W

 Have any of you bought new books lately? Or read the ones above? Let me know if you liked them!

Love always,

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Christmas brings, receiving and giving books is one of my favourite

This year was no exception (I’ve also added a couple that I got myself as a sneaky present). I can’t wait to start reading!