Events with Rai | Lisa Mitchell

I was lucky enough to go see Lisa Mitchell live last night!
This is the second tour of hers that I have been to and she was amazing as ever. I first fell in love with Lisa’s voice when ‘Coin Laundry’ came on channel V, from then I was hooked.

Her album ‘Wonder’ is my favourite album of all time I don’t think I will ever get bored of listening to it!

East | Opening Act


One of the greatest things about concerts and music is discovering new people to fall in love with. I hadn’t heard of East before the show but I’m glad I do now. This 17 year old’s voice blew me away. 

She had a great presence on the stage and I’m keen to check all her other songs out!

Lisa Mitchell | Main Act

What I loved most was that it was an acoustic tour, so all the songs felt more raw. The venue was a chilled small space so it was like we were all jamming with friends, the atmosphere was amazing.

It wasn’t about the lights or grand show, it felt all about the words and voice and music talent of those on stage.

Lisa did a mix of old and new songs, some of which aren’t even released yet so it was a bit of a demo show! The old songs made me super happy but I also loved hearing her music style growing and changing in the new ones.

She bought heaps of musical guests on stage at one point for an A Capella performance of her song ‘Wah Ha’ which was a great treat!
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If you ever get the chance to see Lisa, do it! You won’t regret it 😛

Love Always,