Books I read in Highschool | Literary Listography #3

This month I’ve been a bit nostalgic, that plus most of my uni friends going back to school equals this months listography.

‘Books I read in high school’

‘The Simple Gift’ by Steven Herrick


There are a lot of books we are forced to read in High school English, many of which I didn’t think twice of (can you blame me?). 

‘The simple gift’ was different, I think I was in year 11 (or 10 I don’t really remember the years kind of merged together) and I fell in love with it. 

The book is in poem verses to create the overall novel. I never would have picked up a book like that thinking I would enjoy it but alas I did and I’m glad.

‘The Simple Gift’ is about a boy called Billy who leaves his hometown and ends up living in an abandoned train carriage. The overall theme of the book is Billy, and the other two characters Old Bill and Caitlin, discovering what they want out of life and to find overall meaning.

Following their small journeys was fascinating to me. I loved how it was done, it wasn’t a huge adventure full of war and fantasy, like I was used to reading at the time. The story was simple and even though it seemed like it was small day to day adventures it made me sit back and think that we don’t need grand adventures that occur in the fantasy worlds to do great things in our life.

It is just these simple things that give our lives meaning.

At the time it even inspired one of my short lived dreams (who knows it may happen) of buying an orange Kombi and driving to Western Australia to work on a farm to earn my food and board. Hey, it still sounds fun.

(original van source)

 Teens and young adults will love this book, great for when you are in that rut of wanting to escape for a bit and find out what you want.

I really recommend giving this book a try, even if you don’t usually read books similar. I didn’t and I’ve loved it ever since.

I want to put it on my list of what to read this year and give it a re-read!

Let me know what books you loved in High school or even ones you hated and why.

Love Always,