Volunteering | Business Chicks with Bobbi Brown

Volunteering has started again and what better way to start than with Business Chicks who I seem to volunteer with all the time now! I think it reflects on them as a company and the volunteers I get to work alongside. The environment is friendly and no matter what their is some one to chat to and have a laugh with. Plus everyone I meet is excited to get the job done. 

Onto Bobbi Brown!

If you don’t know who Bobbi Brown is, she is a hugely successful make up artist who started her own make up line just by asking “why isn’t there a lipstick that looks like the colour of our lips?”


We were lucky enough to be able to sit in on Bobbi’s talk and listen to her story. 

What I loved was that her Mum and Grandma were her beauty and fashion icons. Bobbi stated that she tried to replicate their looks and she mainly looked like a “suburban hippie” growing up.

Like any young person Bobbi didn’t really know what she wanted to pursue or want career wise (It took me a while as well, sometimes I am still making it up haha). Her mum said to her “Pretend it is your birthday and you can do anything. What will you do?” Bobbi replied with “I want to go to the department store and play with makeup” alas the discovery of becoming a make up artist.

A lot of
hard work, gaining experience, building up a portfolio and networking,
Bobbi’s “style continued to evolve” and she is where she is today
because of it.

Now back to the lipstick and Bobbi’s makeup empire. 

Bobbi first started with a nude lip colour for herself, made with a chemist. They then realized they could sell them so they did. 10 colours for a lip stick range then turned into a business from home and now is one of the biggest makeup brands in the world. The range was all brown based colours (which I am super glad she created cause I am obsessed with nude lip colours). 

Bobbi even invented liquid eyeliner! (this was a fact I didn’t know till the event)
Would you believe it started with her grabbing a Q-tip (removing the fuzz) and water proof mascara? Because that is exactly how it happened. haha!


What I liked most about Bobbi was her love of imperfections and her being super into loving who you are and using makeup as a way to have fun and not use as a mask to hide what you don’t like about yourself. To love yourself for who you are. Also her love of family and always putting them first. Two great qualities I really loved about Bobbi.

“Beauty isn’t about looking perfect. It’s about celebrating your individuality.”

The event went super smooth and was located in an amazing location where you could see the Harbour bridge. Always a plus!

 Overall I had a blast as I always do at Business Chicks events.

 Hope you all enjoyed the post! Two events done in a matter of days!
Are there any events you have been to recently? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Love always,