Valentines Day | My first crush

 Happy Valentines day!

Most of my friends know this already so I’ll share this hilarious piece of information with all of you.

My first crush was a boy called Peter Pan.

I should also state that it was the cartoon version, but let me tell you I was extremely happy when the real life motion picture was released in 2003. haha!

I saw the cartoon when I was around 6 or 7 so the crush was mainly of the idea that I could be taken to a wondrous land called Neverland. It was astonishing to my younger self. So at age 9 when the 2003 movie came out the love came rushing back.

I never wanted to grow up!

(I remember my parents disliking this a lot as I would leave my window door open even in winter so that Peter could enter freely. They would have to wait till I fell asleep then come in and close it haha. Also now thinking back it was probably disconcerting for their child to want some strange boy to take her away to a different land where she might possibly forget them. Oops! Sorry mum and dad I promise I love you haha!)

Now that I am older I realize  that yes I do miss being a kid but not growing up would make me miss out on life itself. Peter will always hold a place in my heart.

Onto Valentines day!
I know a lot of girls hate this holiday while the rest are posting pictures of flowers received by their beloveds, both of which is okay! I never really put much thought into it, apart that I am convinced it is what they call a ‘Hallmark Holiday’ and that people shouldn’t need a day to show off how much they love each other with expensive gifts. But I do see the joy from some people from the holiday so three years ago I started making my own small tradition, which I shall share with you!

There are two main things that I do every valentines:

Chocolate | I love reasons to buy chocolate so why not buy myself some! (Yes I do this everyday but hey it’s even more important on a holiday ;P)

Movies | Then once I’m in for the day I watch the following films

Peter Pan: Duh ;P

Valentines day: I love this movie! Plus why wouldn’t you watch the movie with the same title as the holiday?

27 Dresses: Again love this movie RomCom’s are the best for feels and a laugh.

500 days of Summer: I watch this movie way too much.

Its a small tradition but it makes me happy which is what the holidays should be about right?
Do any of you have a Valentine? Or do anything to treat yourselves? Let me know!

Love always! And Happy Valentines day!