Moving house | RaiRambles

We found a house!

So that means a very busy next few weeks!

I have moved house 7 times in my life, this will be the 8th house I have lived in!

Renting has its ups and downs. I would love to own my own home one day where I can make my own!

But moving also has its ups:

– I have spread out over my city and I am able to navigate areas that some of my friends don’t have a clue about.

 – De-clutter. Moving is a great time for getting rid of items you don’t need/want/use any more. Each move I have gotten rid of more things and let go of items I thought I needed but really didn’t. Its amazing!

– I get to redecorate! Who doesn’t love that!

So that means I have been on Pinterest haha

I love the colour scheme in this room! I want to make my room have a lot more white and/or wooden pieces with hints of colour.

 Again this light blue is within all the white and wooden furniture.

 White, white and more white. I love the blanket! But I would add more colours. Maybe some blue, green or even orange pillows.

 Love the green! Also the wooden boxes at the end of the bed. Maybe I should go op shopping for some vintage suitcases! 


So here is hoping I can save up and slowly transform my bedroom!


Again I will be super busy over the next few weeks as moving is hard work! I have a valentines day post and Listography post ready, so you will all get those. I will try to post when I can but if there are delays you know why! 


Love always,