Moving day and updates | RaiRambles

It is finally moving day!

Today is all about getting all the small stuff over to the new house, so tomorrow all the furniture can be taken over!

Therefore I just wanted to do a little update post on what will be happening blog wise.

We found out we will not be getting internet till around March 11th?! I know! Talk about “what will we do!” (yes that is a bit over dramatic ;P). However I have lined posts up till around the 7th of March (hopefully around the 10th if I get sorted), so you will still get to see blog posts! 

This also means I will have no social media unless I go to friends houses and access their internet haha (this is a call to my friends asking for an invitation ;P) so bear with me there as well.

As for the blog I did a few design changes the other day while I was playing around in Photoshop. I wanted my banner to not be as in your face so I like the simplicity of this one for now. What I like about this blog is the fact that I can try different designs and work on Photoshop skills while benefiting both you and the blog.

This got me wondering how the design works for all you (as you are the readers!) is everything easy to get to? If you needed to find a particular category can you find it? Let me know! 🙂 (however I may only reply on or after the 11th so bear with!)

 Love always,

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 We found a house!

So that means a very busy next few weeks!

I have moved house 7 times in my life, this will be the 8th house I have lived in!

Renting has its ups and downs. I would love to own my own home one day where I can make my own!