Favourite Literary Lovebirds | Literary Listography #2

As it is the month of
love, the second installment of Listography has to be about romance.

Literary Lovebirds’

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin

I couldn’t look past
Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy could I! I even watched the movie the other day. I fell
in love with this pair in high school after watching all the movie versions and
finally getting my hands on the book. Much to my friends despair as they were
reading it in English and were tired of looking too deep into it, while I was
just reading it for fun haha

I have to mention my
favourite Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth moment was from the 2005 version when he
helps her into the carriage and it zooms on his hand. He reacts as if he was
shocked just by touching her hands. The younger me thought this was the most
romantic thing in the world.

Love always,

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