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 The Wanderlust Tag

I love tag blog posts, they not only allow me to gain a better view on my favourite bloggers but they are also great for writers block and allowing some time to remember old memories!

This time I was on a new blog I found the other day ‘charlinehasablog‘ and saw this tag which she thankfully tagged everyone, so I am giving it a shot as I loved the book tag I did a while back, so much.

So here we go;

Where was your first plane to?

Ireland. I was about three years old and don’t remember it at all. Which is a good thing because the next time I went in my teens it was the worst place to get to EVER! Plus that is where my hatred for planes began haha! 

I spilt water all over myself, didn’t get any sleep and I was definitely losing my mind by the end of it. Good thing Ireland is amazing and was worth it.

Where have you traveled to that you would love to visit again?

I haven’t traveled often or to many places, so most possibly Ireland. However going to Hong Kong last year surprised me and I could definitely go back there again.

You’re leaving tomorrow, money is no object, where are you going?

Europe. Yes this may count as cheating but I can’t decide between Greece and France so the whole of Europe it is! (Part of me also wishes New York was there, but the Greek Islands come first!)

Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or car?


I hate planes (Really? No one could’ve guessed)

Trains are okay, but…

I have always loved being in a car. My parents used to have to drive me to sleep when I was younger. Car trips are just so relaxing and fun and I hate when it is time to go home.


Top three travel items?

Phone (which also has music and a camera, wow Rai cheating again haha), water and money.

This also counts as what I can’t leave home without.

Favourite travel website?

I actually don’t really follow any travel websites and/or blogs! I should really get on that! If you know any good ones please let me know!

Where would you travel to just to eat the food?

Hmm… pasta anyone? Italy for sure! I can never get bored of pasta, pizza and gelato! I am a sucker for gelato!

Is there a place you would never go again?

Um, does Canberra count? haha I went once for a school trip and I was so bored. I’m sure now I would find all the historic, government buildings and library’s interesting but the childhood me never wants me to go back again!

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

Nup. I can’t even remember phone numbers. It took me a year until I finally remembered my own mobile haha

Do you prefer window, aisle or middle seat?

Window. Every time.

The only thing that sort of kept me sane on the plane ride to Ireland was watching the clouds beneath us and how much brighter the sun was up there. Coming into London with the huge billowing clouds around us was spectacular and an experience I hope I get to have again! So window always!

How do you pass the time on an airplane?

Unfortunately I can’t sleep once I have entered a plane. So I have to just watch every movie or TV show the plane has. Music is also a life saver. I would read but being a book snob I don’t want my books to be harmed and a plane is a scary place (remembers spilling water over myself again gah)

Tag done! 

Here is the direct link to Charline’s post and you should all give it a try!

 I hope I get to travel a lot more (it was also one of my goals for the year) so I’ve got to get to it! 

Let me know of any places that are a must to travel to!

Love always,