Planning a new and successful year | 2015

Hello everyone!

2015 is officially here in full force and it’s time for another post on resolutions or just overall things that I want to (and hopefully will) achieve this year.

 2014 was a lot of ups and downs and has me in the mindset that 2015 will be amazing, as long as I stay in a positive mindset and keep saying yes to multiple opportunities!

It is time to take 2015 into our own hands and make it the best year yet! 

Usually I only have a couple of resolutions but this year I’m writing down many because I want to try and do as much as possible!

Oldies that never got done:

Drink more water| because lets face it I always last a couple weeks then forget. Plus I find that when I do drink a couple litres a day it really does help! If any of you know how to keep this one up let me know!

Exercise| I hate writing this one done, but I always go “yeah yeah I’ll do it tomorrow” and I never do. I am really unfit! I want to be able to walk to places again without losing my breathe! This can be a fun one too, I can start rollerblading more often and since summer is in full force swimming is a life saver haha.

Learn French| This will probably be my 4th of 5th year saying I want to do this! I want to learn more languages and French was my first choice. This will be hard but I know I will feel accomplished if I actually achieve it! I’m ready for the hard work!

New resolutions:

Travel| I don’t have anything planned for this year. But going to Hong Kong last year made me want to travel heaps more. I don’t mind if this includes just a few days out of my hometown! I just want to experience new places!

Think positively| Which I was working on last year. When I did think positively things worked out amazing! It’s the simple things that matter too! Even though this year has started out in a bit of a mess I want to show myself that I can get out of slumps and move on in the best way possible!

Get motivated| I was going to say organized however I do have 2 calendars and a diary plus my phone which I fill out and schedule. So it is definitely the motivation part that is going wrong. I am a big procrastinator so this needs to be fixed! I want to start making more goals to work towards so I can start ticking things off! If you know any ways to stay motivated let me know!

Find things I love| Find out what I am passionate about and want to do with my life. This is a big ask, but I feel like in some aspects I’ve forgotten about what I wanted to do with parts of my life. I want to find opportunities and places where I excel and feel the need to work hard towards. Luckily this blog is one of them, it’s a start!

For my blog:

Post often| I want to try and post at least once or twice a week, maybe more when exciting things are happening or I have awesome things to share with you all! I always feel awful I have a blank period of time with an empty blog (even if life happens) thats why I also want to:

Have posts ready ahead of time| By doing this I feel I can achieve the above. It also allows me to work harder on the post and create better content for you all.

Get more involved| Maybe reach out to other blogs more, but more importantly I hope this year is where we can start getting involved with each other and help each other in different aspects. Maybe even by starting by motivating each other to achieve our resolutions!

So that is what I’ve got so far! I’m sure more goals will pop out as the year goes on. I hope they do!

Here is to making this year our own and sticking to what we want to achieve!

I would love to hear any resolutions or goals you have this year, let me know in the comments, or if you have a made a post like this on your blog link it in the comments! I’d love to see if we have anything similar or you all have things that I didn’t even think about!

Love always,