Memory Jar | 2015 DIY

I got this idea from my friends mum (who loves pinterest as much as I do! Which is a lot haha) the other day. As a family they fill a jar up during the year, of happy, exciting and interesting events that have happened to them that year. At the the end they read them all out and see what they have achieved.

What’s a better way to start the year than on a good note!

Plus it can count as a tiny DIY right?

All you need is:
– A mason jar: which I got as a gift (it was full of peppermints!) but any $2 store will have one
– Decorations: I used ribbon for a simple look but I’m also thinking about decorating the lid with maybe some buttons. Tape, stickers anything you can think of can work.

Then just write away!
Don’t feel like you need to write down only major events! I even just added a friend coming round late to mine for a quick chat 🙂 Anything big or small that puts a smile on your face.
 This is great also for sad days when you are feeling down and need a pick me up.

Other ideas where this can go is write everything on nice paper and/or card, then at the end of the year put it all together in a scrapbook filled with pictures!
The possibilities from one simple nice idea are endless!

If you decorate a jar, take a picture for me on twitter or instagram! I would love to see them 🙂
Get writing and make great memories,
love always,