Life update | RaiRambles

Just a quick ramble and a life update, I do have a post planned that will come out at the end of the month (Sat or Sun) so stay tuned for that but I really just felt like writing and just letting you know I am still alive, so this post was formed. haha

First up, we are moving! Moving house is always a mix of love and hate emotions for me, I love getting to go to a new location, packing and sorting out what I need or don’t and restyling my room! What I don’t like is the cleaning. haha

It also means I am very busy ATM so if the blog is a tad quiet, this is why. I do have some posts planned that I want to try and complete before the move, so here is hoping I follow my schedule!

 Secondly I made new boards on Pinterest. Yes this counts as a life update. Who doesn’t love Pinterest. ;P

It also got me thinking of buying a heap of new furniture for my room. Time to save some money!

Finally I just wanted to say a huge Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! I haven’t had the chance to say it but it makes me feel all warm and cuddly inside. When I sign off ‘Love, raierinrose’ I really mean it!

I would also love to get to know you all, so please feel free to leave comments, or tweet/facebook me!

Love, always!