A day out with the best friend | RaiRambles

The first RaiRambles of the year! Exciting stuff haha

Every now and then my best friend Alyssa and I have little girly dates where we eat too much and just blab about whatever we want.

I think having these mini days to just rant and relax and enjoy ourselves away from everything else is a great way to unwind and get ready to take things head on.

 On to the food! We went all the way up to Newport arms which is actually a popular place in Sydney (they host all manner of events) it was my first time going and I quite enjoyed it!

We decided that fish and chips was the way to go (isn’t is always in hot summer weather?)

I tried crab for the first time too! It was delicious!

 Also had a refreshing drink on the side, this was called Fruit Tingles. Yes. I did buy it just because I ate these when I was younger.

I then decided we should go for a walk (bad idea heat wise haha) to prove that I could get us down to the bay. Which I did! We also found a swing. My inner child was insanely happy.

 Afterward we headed to the beach and went home!

I had a blast and hope to have these hang outs more often 🙂

Blog wise I am hoping to get a monthly series up using my ‘Listography’ books and I also have something else planned that I am working on which I hope works! It is a bit different and I am trying to make it epic. So if it works out, it may become a series and be up in the next couple of months! Fingers crossed!

Love always,