A Book Review | The Slow Regard of Silent Things

The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss

This book is a look into the life of Auri.
Auri was a character that I had interest in as she is somewhat a mystery in ‘The Name of the Wind’ books. When I found out from a friend who also adores these books that we were getting a short story all about Auri I was thrilled!
Even though it is a very small insight into Auri’s world I’m glad that we could see just a few days of her life and help build more of a view on Auri. Her personality grew immensely while reading it and even though she is still a mystery to me the book allowed me to just accept her for that and not question her anymore. I found that I am happy that Auri is just, Auri.

And man do I love her.

There were many reviews and thoughts that I saw before I got my hands on this book and they all stated that it would be unlike any other story out there. Even Patrick himself stated at the beginning of the book
 “You might not want to buy this book”
which made me laugh when I first picked it up. 
I couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t want to when his writing is so amazing. After reading it I do admit that yes it isn’t a normal story but his writing gets you (or me at least) so involved in just the simplest of things that it didn’t matter if it didn’t have more than one character or dialogue.
If you want to read more about Patrick’s thoughts on the book and the reasoning’s read his blog post here.

I also got a sense of Auri having OCD which I’m not sure was meant to come across, just some of her actions and having everything in it’s place related to a person I know in real life where I could see similar choices be made and reactions to things. It helped me relate a bit more to them in a way which I found really helpful.

Overall for such a short story I got a whole lot out of it. Yes someday I would want a whole lot more about Auri but for now I am content.
If you haven’t read ‘The Name of the Wind’ and ‘The Wise Man’s Fear’ I would suggest reading them before this.
You won’t regret it!

Love always,