RaiRambles | A day of photos

Yesterday I took a few photos (On my phone, I should probably save for a nice compact camera haha) and I wanted to share them here. One of my favourite things to do is have dates with my friends at one of my favourite places, Max Brenner. Why do I love it? Chocolate, duh. I have a bit (okay a lot) of a chocolate addiction so what is better than sharing that addiction with a good catch up? 

 I know I take to many pictures of the sky but it’s just so pretty haha

 A new cafe opened up and it looks so cute! I really want to try it.

 Yum, nothing better than melted milk chocolate.

Took the photo above on the bus, so I would have some reason to tell you that my bus driver does stretches before every route and for some reason that gives me some kind of joy? I think it’s because it’s out of the norm? I love seeing people just be them in front of a crowd and not care if people look at them weirdly. It’s just nice I guess. I strive to be like these people and want to learn to not care what others think of me. I’m getting there slowly, it all takes time. 


Anyway that was yesterday, I’m trying to get some blog posts lined up , so look out for that!

Have a great day,