#OOTD | 21st Birthday and Christmas dress

Hello everyone!

Sorry I’ve been a bit silent since last post, just been incredibly busy with my birthday and Christmas coming up!

Speaking of which, to kill the silence I decided to do a quick ootd post of what I wore on my birthday lunch/Christmas day!

I decided to go really simple this year plus I just wanted an excuse to wear this dress (I love it so much I feel like a roman princess haha)

I got the dress from Tree of Life, I’ve always wanted one of their dresses and I saw this one and had to grab it!

The shoes are from quite a while ago from rubi shoes but you should be able to find some like them anywhere 🙂 

They are a good buy because you can literally wear this style with anything!

Now a quick RaiRambles:

My birthday was yesterday and I cannot believe I am 21! Geez! haha

But I had a great day having lunch with my family then birthday drinks with friends (I wore the blue play-suit from this post)!

Now it’s Christmas tomorrow and I am so excited for the food! haha

Hope you all have a great Christmas! I’ll post after its over! 😀

Love always,