I love the smell of new books | Book Haul

There is nothing better than the smell of new books (well there may be a few things but it’s up there). Apart from the food and relaxing that Christmas brings, receiving and giving books is one of my favourite parts!

This year was no exception (I’ve also added a couple that I got myself as a sneaky present). I can’t wait to start reading!

Literary Listography | My Reading Life in Lists

Lisa Nola 

A pretty great way to start is with a book listing other books.

I have another of Lisa’s books already, ‘My Future Listography’ which I already have had fun filling out. So this book should be no exception.

If you have a love for lists like I do these books are for you.

I’m even considering using pages of both these books as a couple of blog posts next year! So lets see how that works out, hopefully well!

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other concerns)

Mindy Kaling

This was a sneaky buy to myself from myself. One of my friends has started reading autobio’s and is loving them so I thought I would give a few a try. Plus seeing as I am obsessed with Mindy I wanted to read hers first! It did not let me down she is super funny and I just love everything she said haha

Would highly recommend! 

Now I can’t wait to start more.

Grace’s Guide

Grace Helbig

This is the book I am reading at the moment and so far it is hilarious as Grace in her youtube videos (I even find I read it in the tone of her voice, I’m not strange its just perfectly written by her ;P)

I also thought this was perfect as I just turned 21 and would love a guide to show me how to pretend I am an actual grown up.

Yes Please

Amy Poehler

There seems to be a comedian theme to the autobio’s I am getting? Oh well it will just make them more interesting. Again I love Amy and just want to know that little bit more about her. (My friend will get me bio obsessed haha)

The Architecture of Happiness

Alain de Botton

Now I will admit upfront that I got this book mainly because it was in one of my favourite movies ‘500 days of summer’. Don’t judge me. (You can a little haha)

I also thought that if I ever moved out into a fancy place I could look awesome with my first coffee table book.

I will actually read this though as I do have a little interest in architecture. I’m interested if it will give some more insight into the movie characters personalities as well.


Edward Rutherfurd

A present from my Grandma as she knows my obsession for Paris.

From the back of the book it sounds like a historical romantic look into different families and how they helped create the beloved city.

A bit different to my usual reads (I am a fantasy fanatic) but I am excited to give it a read!

So there are the books to end 2014 and start 2015!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and have a great new year!