Events with Rai | Cirque Du Soleil – Totem

 Yesterday, as an early birthday present to myself, my family went to the marvelous Cirque Du Soleil! I had only ever seen them on TV before and I was already amazed at the show, so seeing it in real life had me very, very excited!

Lets just say I was NOT disappointed!

Unfortunately I can’t share any photos of the show (they were not allowed) however I liked that we weren’t allowed to take any as it meant the whole audience was right in the moment and taking it all in (I see so many people at concerts etc who spend the whole time looking down their camera phone.) Part of the experience is actually experiencing it! haha

Plus it adds a bit of mystery and becomes a kept secret about seeing the show in real life. (Which you should ;P)

The show we went to was called Totem – ‘A fascinating journey into the evolution of mankind’.


There was so much involved, sounds, lighting, visual, costumes and props. It was a sensory overload and a fantastic one at that!


To get the audience in the mood for the show some cast members walked around the tent and entertained in their own ways. The clown (my favourite he was too cute! haha) sprayed people with water, stole popcorn and so on. The ringleader had a top hat (top hats kill me I automatically love anyone wearing one haha) which had a light inside which he shined to show his awesomely painted red face. 

Then the show began.

With frogs. (Well people dressed as frogs) Amazing costumes alongside gymnastics and powerful strength. Lets say I was already hooked on the performance and not one part let me down!

Breathtaking parts would include:

Roller skaters – Yes, roller skaters (fun fact I love rollerskating so I was ecstatic when they came out haha). They were dressed as a newly wed couple and were so perfect I felt like I was intruding on a very loving, private moment. However the skill they had spectacular and I couldn’t look away.

Scientist – Imagine glowing liquids in beakers and tubes. A massive flask which he stands inside and uses it to juggle glowing balls. Amazing and hypnotising.

Unicyclists – I admire anyone who can ride a unicycle. These were unicycles to the max, much taller than usual and if that wasn’t impressive enough they balanced bowls on their heads. Then riding them ONE FOOTED used the other foot to throw more bowls into the ones on their heads. Woah.

 All Aerial Gymnastics – Anything that was in the air or jumpers who reached great heights was outstanding. I was a tad jealous because it is so close to flying and I wish I could fly so much! (maybe I’ll take circus lessons one day ;P) Also the trust and skill they must have as there was no nets at all! 

Those were just some aspects of the show. All the laughs, strength and magical moments will make it an event of a lifetime! If they come back to Sydney with a different show I will rush for tickets! I greatly suggest seeing them if there is a show near you! It really is a once in a lifetime experience.

Also the top I wore can be found in this post. The skirt here. Bright colours and an awesome skirt is just what a Circus needs!

I had such a blast and I’m so glad we went. Way more magical than watching on TV!

Hope you all had a good weekend!