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Girl Online by Zoe Sugg


I’ve wanted to start doing a few book reviews as it is the time of the year where I read a lot! I’m hoping it will let me learn how to create a picture and as a way to let me express myself and what I thought of a book better than just saying “it is amazing” haha.
I’m hoping these will also be a way for all of you to find new books to read and form your own opinions and hopefully discuss the books in the comments and so on!
So lets start with the first book!

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg
I normally read at an average pace but I was able to read this particular book in two days. Which is great for me! I think it really helped that it was very easy to get into and it felt like a blog post Zoe would write on her blog (but fictional).

For a first novel it was a good insight on Zoe as a creator and the characters, experiences and opinions expressed were a nice insight into her thoughts.

The characters were easy to connect to which was great for a small novel and it was also a big insight on dealing with anxiety. (Which the main character Penny has).
A great book if you want an easy laidback read with friendship, romance and family and how these relationships intertwine and help you deal with different experiences and difficulties.
A coming of age story in the online world.
It was also nice reading about a fictional blog now that I’ve just started my own. Knowing what not to share and how to deal with any negativity that is often found on the internet.

Overall I liked this book a great deal and would recommend. As Christmas is coming up a good buy for teens.

Hoping for more book reviews to come!