2014 | A Summary

Its been a while since I’ve been able to look back at a year and say, yeah that was a good one. All have their ups and downs and this year was no exception. But I feel like 2014 will be one to remember for a while as I feel like I did so much and grew as a person.

I’ve learned about hard work, friendship and more about what I want out of life, so here is hoping 2015 will be even bigger and brighter!

 This year has gone fast in some aspects but looking back at all I’ve done it has also been a long one!

This year I:

Went to China | This was a huge step and journey for me. For one I hate planes they make me sick, claustrophobic and terrified. Getting on a plane with no family members by my side and people I had just met was a step to believing that I could actually do things on my own and it would turn out okay. 
It was also something I worked hard towards. As this was a part of my event management course and we had to go through interviews and surveys to be considered as one of ten students to go. I decided from the get go that this was an opportunity I would possibly never get again so I went for it (which is sometimes uncommon for me to do) as I feel like this was a year for saying yes. I’m glad I did as I loved it! Even though my anxiety was in full force around this time I stepped out of my comfort zone so many times and found that I was actually okay and could excel! Hong Kong was wonderful! The students we met in Guangzhou were amazing and lovely. Plus I got to go to Disneyland for the first time! (If you know me I am a Disney fanatic I was excited beyond belief!)

Graduated | Just a little after China I also graduated from my course which felt amazing! Spending so much time on the overall business plan we had to create then getting high marks felt like it was all worth it. Also due to my course I got to go to events, meet people and do things I never thought I would be able to do which is an added bonus!

Volunteered, heaps! | This year I volunteered at multiple events.Ranging from conventions like Supanova, the David Jones Fashion show and multiple events with Business Chicks. All were great experiences meeting people I love seeing on the big and small screen (I got to see Stan Lee gah!), learning new skills within the event industry, meeting a whole heap of new and interesting people and hearing amazing talks to inspire.

 Got my first job | A bit late to the party but a milestone nevertheless.

Went to some awesome events | A medieval fair and Cirque du Soleil to name a couple. Both very unique and spectacular events that will be remembered and hopefully visited again! Any event where people get involved in a certain atmosphere and get dressed up and make into a show is one I love to go!

Spent more time with friends | We all have times where we bundle ourselves up in our caves (aka bed) and forget that we need friends to survive. This year I took a lot more effort into saying yes to hang outs and forcing myself from staying home feeling bored and tired. It also led to me being more confident in traveling around and seeing new things and eating more food what else could you ask for! It also helps that I have the best friends in the world (I may be a bit biased ;P) and have gotten to become even closer to them.

Created this blog! | Which all led me here. One day blog surfing saying “you know what I might just give this a try” its been really great having a place to speak my mind and post about stuff I love. Having a place to work towards a goal without anyone forcing me to, and wanting to do well in something I love has been amazing. I hope it lasts for a while!

So how was your year?
Please let me know any achievements or exciting happenings that you loved in the comments! 
And all have a fantastic New year!
I can’t believe it is NYE already. Tomorrow it will be time to welcome 2015.
Bring it on!

Love always,