Volunteering | BusinessChicks with Rachel Zoe

Hi everyone! Halloween is over so now it’s back to being able to blog about anything and everything! Speaking of which, I did another volunteer event with BusinessChicks again! This time it was an awesome breakfast followed by a high tea with the amazing stylist Rachel Zoe!

The event was held at the Darling Harbour Dockside Pavilion which the Arianna Huffington event I did earlier was held. Again the venue was grand and exciting to work at. I love how it is literally floating on the harbour.

I really wanted to take home a centrepiece haha

 First up was the breakfast, there were celebrities in the audience and the fashion was spectacular!

There was then a sit down interview with Rachel where she talked all about her work and family life, plus style in general.

Once the breakfast had finished we only had an hour to change the set up for the High Tea right after! All went smoothly and overall it was a great success!

A few more photos!

Candy buffet!

I also was able to grab a few quotes from the interview, mainly about style and how you handle yourself.

Rachel was big on staying true to you and “interpret trends” into your own personal style.

“Style is something that should never be forced” it “Should feel right for you”

I think that’s a great way to look at it, I feel that when it comes to expressing yourself through clothes and so on, as long as you are comfortable in you own skin and the way you express yourself then that is the best style you can have.

Until next time!