Hey everyone!

It has been another hectic couple of weeks! With work, 21st and everything in between I just wanted to take a moment to just sit down and write a bit about everything therefore anther RaiRambles. 


I’ve also been shopping a bit so was thinking of doing a haul post just to give an idea of what I’m loving lately! (A combination of clothes and stationary) 

Along with stationary I have started getting into the writing technique ‘Stream of consciousness’ where you just go with the flow and write about anything and everything. No editing. No over thinking. I find this so effective as of late as I’ve been a bit stressed and it allows me to just relax, get ideas out of my system and hey maybe one day it’ll turn into something amazing and I’ll write a book!

It’s so great you should give it a try! You will be surprised by what you can create this way.

 Hopefully I will also get some DIY done as I like creating DIY posts! I’ve always wanted a terrarium so if I feel like I can pull it off that may be coming up in the future!

I feel like it is also the time to say Christmas is coming! How I know this you wonder? Well Santa has been walking past my work for the past two weeks haha

Talk about starting celebrations early! I’ve always been a bit half hearted about Christmas as my birthday is the 23rd (two days before) so it always feels rushed. I don’t even know if I will celebrate my birthday this year and I’m turning 21! Talk about scary haha

So that’s a bit of what has been happening and what can be expected!

Hope you stayed to read all of this if so extra love to you!

To finish here are some photos from the last few days!