My Reading Habits | Tag

I was browsing blogs the other day and one blog I follow, ‘Vivatramp‘ recently did a reading tag that I instantly wanted to do. I’ve wanted to incorporate my love of books into this blog and I feel like this is a great way to do it! Luckily she tagged anyone who wanted to give it a go, so here I am!

Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
I love to read in my bed, I’m not one for changing the place of where I read and this is the most comfy spot I have found and also the least distracting.

Where do you like to read?
As above my favourite place is my bed. Specifically in the afternoon on a Sunday. I do however try to read every night before bed.

Bookmark or random piece of paper?
Neither haha I don’t know when or why but I started hating the look of them and ended up teaching myself how to memorize the page numbers instead. Don’t even get me started on folding down the pages! That is one of my biggest pet peeves.  

Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter / certain amount of pages? 
I usually stick to reading in chapters, I find this easier to remember where I left off and a way to keep the story fresh in my head. Depending on how long chapters are depends on how many I read at that time.

Do you eat or drink while reading?
 No, not unless I’m really thirsty for water. I like not having any distractions when I read. I kind of forget all life outside and like to put all focus into the book. (Food would just distract me, yum food…)

Music or TV while reading?
TV, no.
Music, depends on the book.
For some books I’ve needed the lull of music in the background for example when I read all the John Green books in a row I listened to ‘Better than that‘ by Lakyn and when reading The Book Thief I listened to ‘Music is my Mistress‘ by Stu Larsen.
Other music that helps drown out distractions are the inception and harry potter soundtracks haha 

One book at a time or several at once?
One book at a time otherwise I would get confused (I read a lot of fantasy novels so they would probably blend into each other too easily haha)

Reading at home or everywhere?
Mainly home, however I can read on the bus and I sometimes read while I was still in school. Its much easier to read outside of home if I have music playing.

Reading aloud or silently in your head?
Silently 95% of the time, if I ever read aloud its when I’m confused, have been rereading the page continuously or if I’m bored at want to do voices haha (I liked reading out loud in class if that counts:P)

Do you read ahead or skip pages?
 Never! It would ruin the book! (I’m also one of those people who try and always read the book before watching the movie)

Break the spine or keep it like new
 Keep it like new! I am a fanatic when it comes to looking after my books:
I have to buy books first hand (I even dislike reading from library books, I don’t hate libraries I just need to be able to keep a book forever)
No one can borrow them (my friends know up hand not to even ask to borrow my babies)
I try very hard to stop stains,rips, bends and breaking the spine.

However I do know some of these are bound to happen and I always do love having the memories of a bent spine where I’ve read the same page over and over (plus tear stains from where favourite characters die or something magical happens haha)

Do you write in your books?
 As above no! I couldn’t do that to my books! 
I did get Wreck this journal just to have at least one book I could ruin without feeling awful haha

So those are my answers to the tag, I have decided to also tag anyone who wants to give it a try or post your answers in the comments 🙂