Halloween | RaiRambles and Halloween Songs

This is going to be a mix of Halloween songs and a RaiRambles because again I got super busy and wanted to change some things up.

First a quick whats, what on why I didn’t post at the end of last week. Basically I just got super busy and I just haven’t had time, at first I stressed and then I realized that I didn’t want this blog to be stressful. Instead I wanted it to be a fun relaxed environment just to get my ideas out of my head. Therefore I have decided I will not have set out blog times. This means I will post when I am ready to, and when interesting things have happened giving me more time to make better posts and not quickly load a post just to have one up.

So no more set days for blog posts.

Now back to Halloween! There’s only 10 more days! I still don’t have a costume ready (very scared!) So I am hoping I find something soon!

Now for some Halloween songs to get us in the spirit!

1| I put a spell on you – Hocus Pocus

2| Come Little Children – Hocus Pocus

3| This is Halloween – The Nightmare before Christmas

4| Man with the hex – The Atomic Fireballs

5| Superstition – Stevie Wonder

6| The Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

7| It’s a dead mans party – Oingo Boingo

8| Somebody’s watching me – Rockwell

9| Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

Song 10 isn’t really a Halloween song but it reminds me of being back at Ireland as a kid with family on Halloween so it’s my favourite one 🙂

10| Our House – Madness

Some of my favourites leading up to Halloween! Lets hope I find a costume soon!