Halloween | Movies to get into the spirit

Halloween is getting closer and closer whee!

So I thought it would be a great time to make a list of the Halloween movies that I watch leading up to the holiday!

First a funny story or an about me, I hate horror, yes I know what you are thinking.

“How can you love Halloween but hate horror?”

I don’t know it seems weird to me as well but I as soon as All Hallows Eve falls at least some (very small) amount of horror can be tolerated haha

These movies however aren’t filled with much horror, in fact most are films from my childhood that I just need to watch as a tradition to get into the Halloween spirit.

So here we go, starting with the magic number 7…

7| ‘Witches of Eastwick’

I only had the pleasure of seeing this movie this year, so it is new to my Halloween list. Since seeing it I’ve wondered why I hadn’t seen it sooner! A mixture of comedy and classic witch and devil chaos plus overall weirdness its a film I’ll go to every Halloween. I also love it because witches are my true love when it comes to Halloween. (you will see more within this list)

6| ‘Halloweentown’

This also includes; ‘Halloweentown 2’, ‘Halloweentown High’ and ‘Return to Halloweentown’ (my favourite).

As you can tell old Disney movies will make their way into this list a lot, as Halloween was such a big part of my childhood these movies have stuck with me, in fact, I think they are better than pure horror films (but you can make your choice).

These films in particular made me want to go to Halloweentown so badly! A place where all magical creatures and monsters live together and have jobs and so on was a dream come true. I wanted to be Marnie so bad haha

5| ‘Corpse Bride’

Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a Tim Burton film. That’s pretty much all I have to say haha! (I would also put ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ in the list but that will make an appearance when I talk about Halloween songs)

Also the love story’s within this and the end scene make my heart flutter (pun intended [if you have seen the movie you’ll get that])

4| ‘Zombieland’

All I can say is that this movie makes me laugh A LOT. Plus who doesn’t love a good Zombie comedy to get into the Halloween mood? Exactly.

However movies like ‘DayZ’ can take a backseat (those were the fastest therefore scariest Zombies I had ever seen, it was a great movie though, so its kind of included here)

3| ‘The Haunted Mansion’

Hey! Look! Another Disney movie. haha

I told you Disney would be a big part of this list.

With its cast, soundtrack, love story and overall awesome Halloween concept this movie will always be in my Halloween list. 

2| ‘Practical Magic’

Witches, agian. I would say sorry, but lets face it, I’m not haha!

I love this movie, again its a new movie to my watch list. I can’t say anything because I don’t think I would do it justice, so you’ll just have to watch it.

(Also, can I please! own their house in the movie?)

1| ‘Hocus Pocus’ 


No I’m just joking, I’ll write a bit more than that. The number one movie had to involve witches and Disney. Otherwise what would we do with our lives haha.

Again it has a great soundtrack, cast and overall story. It also helps that I’ve been watching this movie since I could understand what movies were (as it came out the year I was born I had to wait a few more years for its awesomeness).

‘Hocus Pocus’ will always be my Halloween number 1.

Let me know of any other films that are great for Halloween!

See you all Thursday!