Halloween | DIY Witches Sign and Broom

So this is actually a surprise DIY as I didn’t even know I was making it till it was already done, so I don’t have any progress pictures, sorry!

I also made up a lot of the tools I used which is always fun but you also have the fear it will never work out (luckily this one did haha)

So lets get started!


– Black and metallic copper paint

– Brushes and sponge

– Lots of sticks!

– Twine

– Scissors

– Water

– Piece of wood (or cardboard)

Okay First the broom!

All I did for this was go down to the bush reserve find dead sticks and branches on the ground and started collecting! I found one long stick that was perfect for the handle and the rest were just short twigs for the end.

I gathered the short sticks into a bundle to make the shape I wanted. Then one by one I used the twine to remake the shape onto the handle of the broom.

 This is what it looked like at the end. It is very easy and quick all you need to to knot the twine and sticks in place!

 Now for the sign.

For this I used an old piece of wood that I found in our garage collecting dust. I then wanted to make it look like it had been in the rain and dirt so I mixed water and black paint together then using a sponge I sponged it onto the wood. Let this dry.

Then I searched Pinterest for Witch signs when I came along the sign “Witch Parking: All others will be toad” and I had to use it (I really love puns haha)

After finding what I was going to write I painted on the words and decorated with Metallic dots!

Done! This is super easy and quick (which is the best DIY in my books) plus a great decoration for Halloween.

Plus the possibilities are endless!