Halloween | Costume Flashbacks and Inspirations

So far I’ve done a DIY decoration and given you a list of movies now to talk about the main attraction…

Dress Up Time!

Now I am definitely not a makeup artist so I didn’t want to do a tutorial because I don’t think I have the skills or equipment to pull that off. I also end up just making up my Halloween costumes on the day by grabbing whatever creepy clothing I own and smudging on black makeup haha.

So I’m going to first show you some of my costumes from the last few years, hoping it will inspire both of us for this years Halloween.

Drowned Girl/Twisted Wendy Darling

 This was loosely based on This picture, from the artists twisted princesses collection. Check them out if you haven’t seen them, they are amazing!

I unfortunately can’t find a full body shot of the outfit (look below for an awful mid shot of the costume haha), I have rope draped over me and I even had a homemade Captain Hook, hook, hanging from my belt!

Doll and Mad Hatter

I had an obsession with creepy dolls and the Mad Hatter, so for a couple of different Halloweens I have done different variations of those two costumes. Creepy dolls are always fun to do and a great way to scare children and friends haha. Plus I just love the Mad Hatter!

Skull Punk

This is one of my most recent Halloween costumes and maybe my favourite! Lucky for me my dad (yes my dad!) did my face paint and it freaked everyone out (even with my glasses on haha) I wore one of my dads tops, black shorts with suspenders, a top hat with a bloody bandage, skeleton gloves and black ragged boots.



Now this wasn’t exactly for a Halloween event… however my friend Bronte and I made the costumes in a day and I love how they turned out! So I put them in the list. Cos-play is so much fun and a great way to go if you are stuck on Halloween! (Also love Bronte’s Photoshop skills to make my hair look big haha)

Pop Art

I actually just did this today, I was in the mood for dressing up and I saw pictures of this style on pinterest. Instead of tears coming out of my eye, I instead put blood because its Halloween and I can!

I started with normal makeup (foundation), thick eyeliner and mascara, painted white dots on my face (facepaint), coloured in my lips and eye shape with red lipstick, then outlined areas of my face with a black eyeliner pencil!

So there is some past Halloween looks to get us in the spirit for Halloween! I have no clue what I’m doing this time round (which is scary because I’ve got a Halloween party to go to!) So if you have any ideas please let me know!!

I also want to finish by saying I get massive inspiration from Lex also known as MadeYewLook she is absolutely amazing and I wish I could create all of the looks she does! Check her out for more inspiration!