It is raining on and off and has been for the past week and I’m starting to want sun more and more!

A state of wanderlust has taken over (even if it means just a small road trip haha). It got me thinking of places I want to travel to, the main places being:


-New York

– Greece


(Some day I hope to go to those places)

This however made me flip through photos of the amazing trip I took this year to China and Hong Kong!

A bit of a background story, while studying Event Management we had an opportunity to travel to China for our course after a written questionnaire and interview. Luckily I was one of the 10 to be picked! This was the first time I had traveled without family and let alone to another country where I didn’t know the language so I was a bit nervous but I had an amazing time and experience.

So this is going to be a picture post as I’m feeling nostalgic and want to look back at some photos ­čÖé


 Arriving in Hong Kong!

Woah. Look at that view.


Below was when we took a tour of the house boats.


My favourite house boat (Pink with blue potted plants, yes please haha)


Now entering Guangzhou, China!

Canton Tower


This picture was a happy accident (or when I didn’t know my camera was still on but I took an awesome photo of a cutie playing in the park haha)


Then my inner child’s dreams came true… Disneyland!

Those were just some of the photos but it was so beautiful and such a fun experience. (if you scroll through my instagram you can find more)

Let me know in the comments where you have traveled too, or where you would like to go in the future ­čÖé