Volunteering with Business Chicks

For those of you who follow me on twitter you’ll know that I’ve spent the last three days volunteering (therefore no post was up on Tuesday). 
I was working at two events the first a breakfast with Arianna Huffington and the second an amazing talk with Seth Godin.

 The first event was with the very special guest Arianna Huffington (for those who don’t know Arianna she started the ‘Huffington post’ and is now one of the most powerful business women in the world) which was amazing to be apart of. We started at 5am to help set up the venue for all the guests. It was also the reveal for business chicks new branding. The venue was lit all in pink on Darling Harbour, which was a spectacular sight to see.

 The event was an overall success and Arianna had a great talk and kept the guests laughing and inspired.

In the Q&A session a guest asked about bloggers, Arianna stated that anyone in this day and age using any platform (facebook, instagram, blogger and so on) to write, share a photo or something of their own creation was all self expression. The question also suggested if bloggers were being left out compared to payed writers, Arianna cleverly said 
“If they didn’t want to do it. They wouldn’t”. 
I loved that as I didn’t go about to start this blog to compare myself to paid writers. I started it to show self expression and put my thoughts into the world. 

The next event was with the special guest Seth Godin. I wasn’t too familiar with Seth at the beginning but after listening to him talk I want all his books and to start reading his blog! He was amazing.


This event had a 6am start where we organized the venue. It was a different set up for business chicks so it was fun to be apart of. Once the guests came everything ran smoothly and everyone seemed to have a blast!

Seth’s talk was all about making things that matter to you and doing these to your best ability. It was about pushing through your comfort zone and realizing that not everything is for everyone but thats okay.
I feel like this is something I want to remember when writing this blog, I won’t get caught up trying to make something that everyone will like and therefore it become something boring and as Seth said “normal”. If it reached out to just a few “weird” people who loved what I did that will be enough.

If you ever have a chance to see Seth talk or get his book, do! I felt truly happy and inspired after listening to him.

Overall I loved working over these three days, I like keeping up with volunteer work to keep invested in the Event industry and to keep learning (if you don’t know I studied event management). 

Next week I’ll hopefully be back to posting both Tuesday and Friday!