Spring is here!

I am so excited for warmer weather (Winter is not my season haha) and to be able to just soak up the sun and swim at the beach!
My summer cravings have also kicked in, I already want to eat all the ice cream and mangoes in the world. (As you do)

Along with Spring comes my favourite months and then Summer! A few highlights I have (which I will hopefully turn into blog posts) include:

– October; Halloween! My favourite holiday, I’m hoping I will have Halloween style posts including some DIY decorations, costumes and favourites, so stay tuned for that!

– Summer; brings my birthday and Christmas. I’m hoping to do full on summer posts and projects to relate to those special days. 

So stay tuned as those are just some things I hope to be doing in the following months!

I also decided to make a few goals to try and achieve maybe they can be something you guys get involved with aswell!

– Drink more water: I know in the past I really haven’t been drinking enough water, so I got a 1L bottle and plan to drink 2L a day. I might start with 1L and work my way up but the benefits will be worth it!

– Read: I am in a reading slump at the moment, no idea why I just can’t seem to pick up any books. So I’m going to set time aside to just read a few chapters a week which will hopefully turn into daily reading!

– Exercise: because lets face it I am not the fittest I could be (or probably should be). This might be a great way to start discovering new ways to exercise. I’m keen to go on more walks, maybe try a bit of yoga (that would be a sight to see haha), get my roller blades back in action and when it heats up start swimming! 

So lets see if I stick to it! I’ve also started getting into making short, small time goals for the day including things as easy as cleaning out my room, drawing, drafting blog posts and so on. I find including these with big goals help you feel successful in life. Even the little things matter and you will go to bed more accomplished! 

Give it a try 🙂


(p.s. I’m also hoping to start getting more social on my social media, maybe post videos, pictures or websites I like on my Facebook, and start chatting more on Twitter. I also post a bit on Instagram and Pinterest so in between blog posts you will find me there)