RaiRambles | Life and Blog Update

Hey everyone, sorry I’ve been a bit behind and quiet for the past few days, all of a sudden everything just got busy and I got distracted. Tut, tut I know.

First off I didn’t post Friday because I was working (Yes! I got a job!), then the sun came out and I spent the next 4 days outside. 

So seeing as I am now working around my job there is going to be a slight change to the days when I update. Instead of Tuesday and Friday, starting next week it will be Monday and Thursday. I’m hoping this will work well with my new schedule!

For this week instead of Thursday it will be tomorrow as it will be the first of October! Which means the start of my Halloween posts! I will start off with a DIY tomorrow to get things started so get excited for that I hope you all enjoy it! Seeing as October will be all Halloween orientated if something happens that isn’t Halloween related I will either wait to post about it in November or post in between the main posts (I still haven’t decided but I will let you know!)

As for life, Spring/Summer has hit! It is 30 degrees today! Talk about hot. I got the swimmers out yesterday which was very exciting.

With the job I am now working Friday to Sunday so I’ll probably be quiet on those days! I am also planning on volunteering for another event as well in a week or two so that will be something to look forward to.

 Again sorry for not posting last week! But from today things should start running smoothly again. As always if you do want to contact me the easiest will be on my twitter or facebook.

See you tomorrow!