My Spring/Summer Style Inspiration Board

Since Tuesdays Post I’ve been on a Mood Board spree all week so I thought it would be a blog week of inspirational mood boards haha.

As Spring is starting to bring warmer weather and I can feel summer in the air I’ve starting thinking about clothes (duh ;P) so I decided to put together a little Style board of what I already wear plus what I want in my closet.

1| Seafolly Bikini: Now I’m not much of a brand buyer (I usually try and find all the cheapest buys to save money haha) however when it comes to my swimmers that is a whole other story! I’m obsessed with Seafolly swimmers, I dunno where the obsession came from but they are the one brand that I will allow myself to splurge on and for good reason. They last ages and they look amazing. The picture above is of my actual swimmers and I’ve had them for about 3 years now. They are my favourite swimmers ever plus they have a vintage style which I love!

2| Midi Skirts: Louise got me hooked on these and I’ve wanted some since she posted the photo above (check out her lookbook where she showcases the skirt). Plus it’s not just the skirt, I do have to say I love everything Louise wears (how much of a fan-girl am I being right now) as she makes everything look great alongside Louise I also look to Zoe and Tanya as my main three YouTubers whose fashion I love seeing.

3| Practical Magic: I also get a lot of outfit ideas from movies and T.V. an example being Practical Magic one of my favourite films, Sandra’s character in particular. I wanted every piece of clothing she wore!

4| Basic tee: This particular one is from dotti I bulk buy these tops when they are on sale, they go with everything! I have about 6 in different colours haha. Plus they are a thin fabric which helps in the Australian heat!

5|  Stripes: I have to say I’ve seen them everywhere and the dress above is one of my favourite stripe pieces and I still haven’t got round to buying one! Soon I promise haha

6| Denim shorts: Another one of my addictions, I am sad to say I have at least 10 denim shorts. Yep, I have a problem. I always tell myself I need to buy tops or skirts but then I go home with more shorts haha 

I just love them okay haha

7| Vintage dresses: I really want to start wearing dresses more, everytime I get one I get too scared to wear it out. I am getting better but it’s still a work in process. I love vintage style mainly but any dress will do

(Also points to you if you realized the photo above was from ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ another favourite movie inspiring style haha)

So there is 7 items that will be my Spring and Summer style inspiration. Let me know what your staple go to outfits are for these seasons, I’d love to get more inspiration! Also check out my pinterest board ‘W e a r‘  to see even more clothes that I want to own!