Halloween DIY | Pumpkin style decorations

So here it is the first of my month of Halloween posts!

I figured I would start with a DIY so we could start decorating the house to get in the mood, I’ve also started wanting to play Halloween songs and I have a real need to watch Hocus Pocus haha.

As you can tell I’m not using real pumpkins (wow how could you tell haha), this is because I find that they get really expensive where I live and I don’t want to spend so much on a small project.

I was going to use wood for this project, however we got a package with polystyrene boxes and they were even more perfect!

So here is what you need:

– Polystyrene/wood/cardboard box (for the body of the pumpkin)

– A Ruler

– Scissors

– Pen

– Tape

– Paint (I used mainly orange, black and metallic copper)

– Paint brushes

– Paper roll 

– Lid (I used a circle lid for one of my patterns, depending on how you want to decorate your “pumpkin” depends on what you use)

– String

– Artists Knife (or you could use scissors)

– Hair dryer

Step One: Using the ruler, lid and pen draw on the patterns you want on your “pumpkins” (jack-o-lanterns are welcome haha)

Step Two: Paint! Now you paint the main colour, orange! I used tape to help with the stripes.

Step Three: Leave to dry or use a hair dryer to dry the paint faster

Step Four: Now for the tricky part, painting the black pattern. Which I didn’t plan on being tricky until I realized how many circles I had to carefully paint in haha

Step Five: Again leave to dry or use a hair dryer to speed up the process

Step Six: Now is the fun part making the stems, I cut down the paper rolls to size making the top a little uneven like a stem, I then got the metallic copper paint and covered them entirely in the paint, again dry with the hair dryer

Step Seven: Placing the stem on top of the “pumpkin” holding it down use the knife to cut its shape into the “pumpkin”, cut deep enough to slide the paper roll securely into the “pumpkin”

It should look something like the picture below

Step Eight: Slide stem into “pumpkin” and decorate with the string

And VoilĂ ! You have some unique looking “pumpkins” to decorate your house!

I hope you all enjoyed this DIY and that you are interested in trying it out! I’m excited to bring more Halloween posts to life, the next post should be up on Monday! 

If you do try this project out I’d love to see pictures just Tweet me or tag me in your Instagram pictures!