Events with Rai | A Medieval Faire

Now my family doesn’t go on many family outings, but when we do we go weird. By Weird I mean we end up watching Jousting at a Medieval Faire, which is actually pretty amazing!

It was the first time the event had been held in Sydney and for a first time event the HUGE turnout was very unexpected, which is both a good and bad thing. Studying events I know this can be a bit of a danger if food, bins and help are of a low number compared to the attendees however they still pulled it off well and hopefully make the event bigger for next year.

The Jousting was the main focus of the day, it was an international competition with jousters from Australia, Netherlands and Norway!

It was pretty amazing to watch I felt like I was in a Game of Thrones episode, I kept expecting someone to be killed, luckily that wasn’t the case haha.

The horses were so beautiful and my favourite part, I also felt sorry for the knights in all that armor because if it was hot for me they must have been melting!

Next we saw a trapeze act which was cool, I love circus themed events so it was quite entertaining, however my mum couldn’t watch for long as she is terrified of heights even if she wasn’t the one up there haha

There was so much going on throughout the day, puppet shows, music, sword fights, bird shows, archery and a whole village, here are some more photos!

What wood work looked like back in the day haha Looks even more exciting than what I used in high school!

My sister, Dad and I trying to figure out how to shoot an arrow haha This was great fun.

I fell in love with this horse, what first got my attention was his eyes! They literally looked like they glowed!

 Along with the prettiest horse came along the prettiest bird.

This bird was so heavy, my arm started to shake (I may also be really weak haha)

Overall it was a great day out and a unique event. I hope it does return next year, I might even dress up for it 🙂

See you next time,