Dream home anyone?

Look what I found!

Before I found pinterest I was obsessed with keeping notebooks just covered in pictures, in particular this notebook was filled with all things to do with my dream home (which hopefully won’t be just a dream in the future haha)

As you can see from the elastic band I used this one a lot.

I got a bit over the top with ideas sometimes, the above sticky note states I wanted the following in my dream home:

– Chalk board walls: mainly in the kitchen, so I can write down shopping lists, recipes and quotes duh!

– Aquarium: and not just a normal one, a huge salt water aquarium.

– Butterfly enclosure: because why stop at having fish in the house when you can also have butterflies?

– Tree House: who doesn’t want a tree house?

– Library: a HUGH library with ladders on wheels, two stories, mix matched armchairs and maybe even a fire place. ALL THE BOOKS!

– Secret garden: obviously inspired by my love for the book ;P

– Bath with a skylight: so you can take a bath at night and see the stars.

All of that in one house? Why not, the younger me didn’t have any limits.

And whats a house without a bold coloured front door, in my favourite colour orange of course!

I also have a major love affair with windows, ones that are from the floor to the roof, can you imagine just sitting down and looking out into your garden, or if you lived on the beach front and you woke up in bed and the first thing you see is the ocean. That would be a dream.

And now that I have pinterest I’m able to drool over even more awesome homes and interiors.

 So now I’m about to go on a pinterest pinning spree haha

If any of you raiofsunshines have any notebooks, moodboards or pinboards, comment or tweet me and I’ll check them out 🙂