Okay, so today isn’t going to be a longed planned post as I was surprised with a job interview (fingers cross) and ended up only thinking about that. I didn’t want to leave today with nothing and therefore stop my blog routine of Tuesday and Friday, so I am going to Ramble to you!

This may happen in the future or if I have an extra thing to say to all of you on non posting days. So I’ll call these my Rai Rambles. (Did you know rambles is also a “walk for pleasure in the countryside.” and not just talking/writing in a inconsequential way? You learn something new everyday)

As for the interview today it was my first ever group interview (scary) when I was expecting 4 or 5 people I was shocked when I walked into a room of about 40! However everyone was lovely and I believe I did an okay job.
Interviews are always nerve-racking so if you have one coming up I suggest researching the company, practicing common questions and trying not to fidget! haha 

Apart from that it has been raining all week 🙁 

Fun fact I really dislike the wet and cold, I think it has something to do with being born in summer through a heatwave haha

But it did allow me to sit down and practice more pastel drawings (if you saw my instagram you will have seen the photo below)


I was pretty excited of how it turned out (for those confused at what it is this is Venom from Spiderman)

I love using pastels even if I’m not the best but practice makes perfect!

Here are some of my other drawings:

 Inspired by a quicksketch by my all time favourite Loish

 Inspired by Ken Wong

Inspired by a picture of Scarlett Johansson

I find I work best trying to mimic a picture and make it my own instead of starting from scratch mainly because I am still practicing using the pastels in colouring.

If you draw or paint I would love to see your work just tag me on instagram @raierinrose 

I will have a long post on Friday with some sort of DIY element (I hope) so look out for that!

Thanks for letting me ramble to you.


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