Bon Appétit

Now I promise I’m not going to turn into a full on food blogger because;

1 – I am not a full on cook

2 – I don’t create my own recipes


3 – There is so many wonderful food blogs out there already

However I was looking in my kitchen the other day without a clue of what I should eat for lunch, when I decided on my go-to meal when there isn’t much in the fridge or cupboards and I can’t be bothered cooking for long.

So I wanted to share it with you.

The best thing is, you use whatever ingredients you have at that time so the meal can change each time!

Presenting my thrown-together pasta dish.  



The ingredients I used for the pasta above were:

 – Cherry Tomatoes

– Tomato Paste

– Celery

– Capsicum

– Rosemary Paste

– Oregano

– Pepper

– Basil

and because I wanted a kick I also added Hot Chilli Paste but only add if its for you.

Now its just up to you to determine how much you are going to eat, I’ve only ever made this for myself so I have never had a set measurement of how much of each ingredient I need. (That’s part of the fun haha)

Chop everything up, chuck into a pot and cook on medium till it is to your liking.

On the side cook up some pasta!

Finishing touch: Cheese!

Bon Appétit!

Also when I am extra lazy (and I mean really lazy)

I do the same but with two minute noodles but I change some of the ingredients to turn it from an Italian style dish to a Chinese twist.

For example

Here I used:

– Soy Sauce

– Carrots

– Peppers

– Capsicum 


– Two minute Noodles

Same technique, still using ingredients you have on hand, but a whole new flavour and taste!

Very handy especially for those around my age who don’t have a big budget and don’t want to spend time cooking! (Great for those studying)

Remember, use everything you like to eat! This is all about experimenting and making a dish suited for your tastes 🙂

If you end up making this comment with what you used and I’ll give it a try, if you take a picture post it on instagram and tag me @raierinrose