A New Moon

Today is a new moon and wow it has already nearly been a month of writing this blog (insane) so I think it is a bit fitting that todays post falls on a new moon.

This month has been a collection of new:

– Starting life outside of studying

– New obstacles and life lessons

– and this blog 

I’m so glad I started this blog and I am so excited for what the future holds for it and what it morphs into.

I’m still learning and getting the hang of things, plus trying to see what fits for me and what fits on this blog so far it is a mix of everything which might get into some sort of order in the future, but for now it works!

 Speaking of the new moon, a new moon is usually a time to set goals and gain a purpose to create and develop new plans, ideas and projects. Overall this is what I wanted my blog to be about creating and developing this blog and myself personally.

I think it is great to use this time to set small time (or big) goals to aim for a better and more exciting future.

I’m excited to try new ways to express myself here and I would be glad if you came along with me 🙂

Today was a bit of a small post but I just wanted time to reflect and discuss.

I am hoping in future to post about books I love, maybe review or have posts on some of my favourites, more DIY and art posts, plus overall life posts

(with possible more RaiRambles haha).

But for now I hope you enjoy and stick with me!

As always