A Birthday Gift

This post is up a bit later due to a day spent with a very special birthday girl!

But first here is a back story:

Two girls, first day of high school, roll call.

One walks in a bunch of nerves and decides to sit down next to the other who has a Freddo Frog chocolate wrapper tapped to her school diary.

Yes I had a chocolate wrapper taped to my diary (to say I was obsessed with chocolate is an understatement haha)

But apart from looking like a total weirdo, my now best friend Alyssa did sit down next to me and as they say…

…the rest is history.

So that brings us here 9 years later and her 21st birthday and wondering what to give her.

I wanted it to include nice thoughts, memories and have a DIY element, all tied together in a low budget but well put together and thoughtful present.

So after some pinterest time I came up with the following.

First I knew that I wanted the main part of the gift to be these ‘Open When‘ letters I have seen people creating lately.

These are great for family and friends as they are something totally personal and you can create them in your own unique way. Plus isn’t great for the receiver to have something to open from you when they are feeling, sad, stressed or happy? 

I decided I wanted my letters to look like they were aged so I tea dyed the pages before writing them.

What I used:

– Tea (Irish breakfast ;P)

– Cotton pads

– Lined paper

– Towel (because I was bound to spill some)

– Hairdryer

All I did was soak a cotton pad in the tea, spread over the page, dry with the hair dryer and repeat 3-5 times until I got the desired colour and result.

 Then it was time to decide what times I would like her to open the letters some ideas include:

– Happy

– Sad

– Stressed

– Excited

– When you need a friend and so on

Once you write the letters place them in envelopes and you’re done! 

 Next I decided to create a mug specifically for her and a gag gift because everyone loves a laugh.

Personalized Mug:

All I used was:

– A Sharpie

– A white mug

– An oven

Then I just decided what I wanted to write/draw on the mug, designed it using the sharpie and then you bake in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 mins.

I again got this idea from pinterest so here’s hoping it works!

Finally I need a gag gift for laughs I found this and decided it would be great!

I mean who doesn’t love popping bubble wrap.

 I just used:
– Cardboard

– Paint

– Sharpie

– A Zip lock bag

– Stapler

– Bubble Wrap

It is really simple just paint the cardboard the colour you want (Or use coloured card). Write down the instructions, place bubble wrap in the zip lock bag then staple the cardboard to the top of the bag!

Then place in a box and tada! A simple, thoughtful non-expensive gift!

So if you are stuck on ideas for a birthday coming up I hope this inspired some ideas!

Let me know if you tried some of these ideas or if you have any other great birthday ideas!


(p.s She loved the gift 🙂 also  if you want to check out my pinterest here is the link. All other social media can be found on my contact page!)