14,000 Things to Be Happy About

I was roaming my bookcase yesterday and rediscovered ‘14,000 Things to Be Happy About’ by Barbara Ann Kipfer. Flipping through I forgot how great this book can be on rainy, sad days or just when you need a reminder on how wonderful the small things in life can be.

After reading a few pages I decided to make a list myself, just five small or big things that made my days just that much happier. 


– Sunday afternoons listening to music

– Re-watching favourite movies 

– Reading ‘The Secret Garden’ every year

– Chocolate

– Sitting in the sun

These may seem silly to some but everyone is different as to what puts a smile on their face.

So what makes you happy? What puts a smile on your face? 

Write a list and I’m sure you’ll feel just a tad more positive once you have.

Don’t be afraid to share your happy little moments in the comments!


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