| Utter |
complete; absolute. 
She stared at her in utter amazement

| Ardour |
great enthusiasm or passion.
She spoke persuasively and with ardour

Utter Ardour was created in August 2014 as 'Rai Erin Rose' made to be a little hobby to distract from the boring everyday. It has turned into a complete passion project, hence the new name, Utter Ardour. 

A place to express my creativity and write down my loves, passions and anything that catches my fancy. Starting 2017 I will be leaving my beloved Sydney Australia to travel and discover new adventures. This blog is a place to capture what I experience and see how I grow. 
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And who am I you may ask? Well my name is Rai. Sydney born and bred I am 23 years old. With an Advance Diploma in Event Management you will find me at the nearest convention. Being a Slytherin and Capricorn I can get a tad ambitious and competitive at times but don't let that fool you my Hufflepuff nature can shine through as I'm very loyal to those I love. 
This blog is for anyone just trying to get the hang of life. Cause it's a little but messy, a little more fun and a whole lot of crazy. So let's go insane together, ok?


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