Friday, 1 September 2017

Yesterday I was the Moon

When I first heard that my friend was releasing a book of her amazing poems I was ecstatic, I first met Noor on a blogger chat when I bonded with her and Areeba over teen wolf. I instantly fell in love with their blogs and art. Two of the most talented women that I am luckily to know. So as soon as she announced it I had Noors' book delivered to me within the week.

It took me ages not to be busy and to actually have to time to sit down and read the whole book from start to finish. But after London I finally did, every poem perfectly stood alone on their own ground but they also wonderfully melted together. Some poems affected me instantly, pulled at my heart strings and bought a tear to my eye. It was as if Noor had caught me in the perfect moment and been able to express what I could not. Some poems I had not experienced for myself so I couldn't emotionally get involved but I could see a friend, or family member loving them. Others I could see Noor coming alive from the pages her strength and love for the women of the world evident from the words.

Each poem was uniquely Noor but could look into your heart and bring about what you might not be able to express yourself.

I wanted to share with you the ones that made me want to re-read and that I relate to most in this time of my life. 


4:12 pm, five years ago, you were younger and
you were waiting for a miracle to happen; to
change everything. but this world isn't as
generous as it appears and there's always a lack
of miracles for those who wait for them. but
yes, it does extend a hand to everyone who is
willing to step forward and stare daringly in the
eyes of life to give them their share of

five years later, 4:12 pm and this time, you are
not waiting. you're hustling and fighting and
screaming at life to give what you need. and if
your younger self could see you now, god she
would realize how miracles really happened.

{you are a miracle}


1) it's in the air of the city i loved and left
to never return. it's the smell of leaving.

2) it's a shapeshifter. it looks like a face i do not
want to remember. then suddenly it is a face i
cannot forget. a dishonest performer.

be kind
for this is something
a lot of people
can never be


i want to travel more. and out of a thousand
other reasons, i want to travel to be homesick.
i want to be on another land yearning for the 
food of my hometown, for the warm and
aromatic chai my grandmother makes, for the
pink bougainvillea that stands firmly in the
lawn of our house. i want to travel to be away
from home so that i can return loving it as
much as it deserves to be loved. i want to go 
away from home just for returning back here
to realize everything i have ever neglected is
worth loving and
worrying for.


accept change
it doesn't happen often
for the most of us


home murmurs
where have you been?
and i can't help but say
away; looking for you

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